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Why Did I Become a Celebrant?

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

This is a question that has been asked of me a few times. Wanting to become a celebrant was something that had happened over a number of years. It first crossed my mind when my husband Geoff and I met with our celebrant, the beautiful Lee Marie Hall from Dream Day Ceremonies, before our own wedding in 2011. Lee's calm and gentle approach, mixed in with a healthy dose of humour, was exactly what we wanted and I remember thinking then that I'd love to have her job.

So moving on a few years, I was working long hours with not much time to even consider a change of pace. Eventually, a slightly early retirement beckoned and I found myself with time and energy to spare.

Also during this time, my daughter Michelle married her partner Emma in a beautiful outdoor ceremony in a quarry near where they live in Perth's hills. Again I started to think about how lovely the celebrant's job was.

Perth wedding couple
Michelle and Emma

So I enrolled with Rose Training, did the course in record time, loved the content and the way the course was presented. And so I was on my way.

Listening to couples' love stories, weaving them into a story for their friends and family, presenting at weddings - these are all things I love. Being part of someone else's love story also makes me reflect on my own and I hope that everyone I marry finds the same happiness that I have. Mushy much?

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