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Adding Meaning

Candle ritual, Perth celebrant

Rituals can be a meaningful addition to your wedding ceremony. A ritual may connect people and can symbolise your new shared reality as a married couple. Rituals may also be used in other life ceremonies. You may choose from the following rituals or another you may prefer. A ritual may be included in the Rose Ceremony package at no extra cost to you. If you'd like one of the rituals included in one of the Chocolate Ceremony packages, or for something other than a wedding, please contact me to discuss this.

Candle Ceremony
Indoors only

  • Individuals light their own candles. These may be lit by members of the wedding party, parents, grandparents.

  • You take the lit candles and use them to light a larger candle.

Supplied by celebrant:  
Individual candles and holders
Supplied by clients:
Larger candle 

Sand Ceremony

  • Individual bottles of colour sand are poured into a larger vessel. May be done by the couple being married, and may include others such as parents or children. 


Supplied by celebrant:  

Coloured sand

Individual bottles

Supplied by clients:

Larger vessel

Handfasting Ceremony

  • Hands are loosely tied together using ribbons, braid or rope.


Supplied by clients:

Ribbons, braid or rope 

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