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Let's Talk about Ghosting


I've been reading a bit about couples being ghosted by vendors they have engaged and paid deposits to. I can only imagine how high this would push stress levels - just when you think you have everything organised, a vendor doesn't get back to you.

While there is no guarantee a vendor is reliable, there are things you can do to help ensure you only engage authentic vendors:

1. Research and reviews

  • Start by doing thorough research online. Look for vendors with positive reviews and ratings on platforms like Google, Facebook and wedding-specific websites.

  • Consider asking for recommendations from recently married friends or family members.

2. Interview multiple vendors

  • Don't settle for the first vendor you find. Interview at least two or three vendors for each service. Use these interviews to gauge their professionalism, communication skills, and how well they understand your vision.

3. Verify business legitimacy

  • Ensure the vendor has a registered business, a physical address and a legitimate website or social media presence.

  • Look for any industry awards or associations they might be affiliated with.

4. Review contracts/service agreements carefully

  • Contracts and service agreements should be detailed and should include services, timelines, costs and any potential additional costs.

  • Make sure there is a clear cancellation policy and that it protects both parties.

5. Request proof of liability insurance

  • This protects both parties in case of accidents or unforeseen circumstances.

6. Clear communication

  • Pay attention to how responsive and clear the vendor is in their communication. This is often an early indicator of their professionalism.

7. Social media presence

  • Check their social media profiles for consistency, activity and positive interactions with clients.

8. Meet in person

  • If possible, arrange face-to-face meetings with your chosen vendors. This helps build rapport and ensures everyone is on the same page.

9. Trust your instincts

  • If something feels off or a vendor is evasive or unresponsive, consider it a red flag.

10. Have a back up plan

  • Have a contingency plan in case a vendor does become unresponsive or has to cancel for unforeseen circumstances.

While these steps can significantly reduce the likelihood of encountering unreliable vendors, there are no guarantees. Stay vigilant throughout the planning process, and be prepared to adapt if necessary.

On the flip side, vendors sometimes get ghosted by couples who have made enquiries of them. If you decide to go with a different vendor, please let those you have enquired with know. We will appreciate you letting us know, and will wish you all the best.

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